We are Minima-MaximA

We are stoked you stopped by! Unfortunately, we can’t be here to meet you in person — as this is a website.

MINIMA-MAXIMA is one Industrial Designer, one Traditional Printmaker, a closet full of sketchbooks, and a sink full of empty coffee mugs. Nina Rose and Peter Paul are a design duo smitten by architecture and geometric rarities. We dream up cheeky items for the home and the body — functional decor and wearables for the voyagers out there looking to discover clever objects.

Although we embrace the term jewelry, we call ourselves a "Wearables" company. We love making work that separates itself from social implications of gender — specifically, the notion that jewelry is only for one gender. Our goal is to create work that celebrates the inherent visual qualities of geometry that make it universally treasured by all types of people. If you’re an adventurous Her, Him, or Them, then we make work you’ll be proud to wear out in the world or exhibit in your home. 

From sketching, to prototyping, to small batch manufacturing, we control every step of the process in our work. Using the precision of laser cutting, we execute a clean aesthetic of sharp lines balanced by a collection of rich materials. By combining our backgrounds in print and design, we’ve created signature packaging concepts that are as cared for as the products themselves. MINIMA-MAXIMA is an orchestra of tiny moves, hand-painted details, sanding, adhering, cutting, bending, and lots of patience. 

Let’s make things with minimum limitations — and maximum potential. 

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