We want you to love your MINIMA-MAXIMA pieces for a long time! Each one is lovingly hand made and wants to continue to be loved by you! The materials we use most are wood, acrylic, brass, and copper. Because of the unique design and process we recommend giving them a little extra love.

Protect your jewelry when spraying on perfumes, hairsprays, lotions, etc, as these can damage the surface materials. Avoid getting your jewelry wet. While a rainy day won't destroy your jewelry, we don't recommend showering, or submersion in water



The best way to clean your jewelry is with a soft, dry microfiber cloth. This will eliminate finger prints from any acrylics.


Copper and brass as well as silver, can become oxidized over time, darkening their color. This is caused by contact with oxygen, moisture, skin, and chemicals. We love that the material can evolve over time into different colors! If the metal on your piece has become oxidized or tarnished, and you want it to be shiny again, simply polish it with a polishing cloth. We recommend this one. It's great a great all around cloth for polishing all of your metal jewelry, including silver and gold! (Never use a polishing cloth on acrylic, as this will scratch the surface.)



When you're not wearing it, your jewelry will be happiest napping in a box or cloth bag, away from the sun.