We are Minima-MaximA

We are stoked that you stopped by! Unfortunately, we cannot be here to meet you in person — as this is a website. And that would be impossible... supposedly.

Drawing from Sacred Geometry, Art Deco Architecture, and Outer Space, we create work that combines traditional metalworking, stone setting, and woodworking with the contemporary process of laser cutting. We are responsible for all steps of the fabrication process — from the first sketch, to the laser cutter, to our preciously packed and personally hand-stamped boxes. 

Officially launched in Chicago 2015, Minima-Maxima is the collaborative production of duo Nina Rose and Peter Paul. Nina’s background in Industrial Design keeps her focused on constantly developing stacks of new prototypes — while Peter’s training as a traditional printmaker allows for the application of making multiples.

Together, we are a maker-team with a closet full of sketchbooks and a sink full of empty coffee mugs.

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